Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Ever

As many of you know, I breastfeed.  I breastfed Xavier until he was 16 months old and my milk supply died because of my pregnancy.  Quinton is still going strong at almost 6 months old now!  In all of that time I have taken many pictures and never posted them.  Why? I don't know really.  I guess there are a couple of reasons.  I just never got around to it or didn't want people to think I'm some sort of nudist.  (Aren't we all a little bit nudist deep down?  Unless you are a never nude, of course.) And really, I didn't want to deal with the emails of those offended by a beautiful, natural phenomenon.

So here is my first posted breastfeeding photo. I was able to capture this picture and couldn't help but share. I just love this little face!  I also love that I was able to show a glimpse of my view to my husband.  This is Quinton's sweet "Mom, I'm ready for the other boob" look.

Do you take pictures of your babes breastfeeding?  Do you post them or keep them in a private file for your family?


Janine @ Alternative Housewife said...

I post tons of breastfeeding photos. I'm not shy, and I like to set a good example to other moms (and especially not-yet-moms) who read my blog. I also post on Facebook, and even entered one to win a contest! (Unfortunately I didn't win.)

Even if you never post them, I think they are a really sweet reminder to have. I have an album with photos of my own mother breastfeeding me. They are some of my favorite images, and looking at them over the years definitely influenced my own decision to breastfeed.

Kate said...

I do take breast feeding pictures but I rarely share them, maybe just with sisters and mom. But I do love to capture those moments, they're a big part of life with a baby around here and I love it! Beautiful capture.

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