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Lotus Bums Cloth Diapers Review & Giveaway

Lotus Bumz is a cloth diaper company that was started by Lorain, a WAHM. From their Facebook page: Lorain started Lotus Bumz when she realized that there is a great need for an affordable cloth diaper.  After deciding to go with cloth diapers with her newborn and seeing the physical benefits it had on his skin as well as knowing that using cloth is so much better for the environment than disposables diapers, she decided more parents need to know about and be able to afford this great way of diapering.  

I had the pleasure of testing out the Lotus Bumz diaper.  Lorain was so sweet and sent a diaper for each of the boys!

Lotus Bumz are pocket diapers and include a large 3-layer microfiber insert.  The outer layer is a waterproof PUL and there is a microfleece lining that sits against your baby's tush.  The first thing that I noticed when we received the diapers is how soft the PUL is.  It almost has a satin feel and shimmer to it.  Very nice!

The diaper is one size and has both a snapable rise and waist band.  Each diaper tab features 3 snaps -- including 1 hip snap so that there is no drooping.  Also, they have the ability to cross over for a nice fit for the wee little ones.  We prefer snaps at our house because Xavier is so good at taking his applix diapers off.  In fact, recently he has learned how to unsnap diapers even.  However, we have noticed that the Lotus Bumz snaps are a little tighter fit than most other diapers.  While this means they take an extra second to push together, it also means that toddlers can't remove their diaper!  As excited as I am for Xavier to have a new fine motor skill, it sometimes means that I find him streaking down the hallway at an inopportune time.  Lotus Bumz takes care of that!

Lotus Bumz insideAnother part of the diaper that I want to mention is the pocket.  This pocket is great because it has an extra piece of fleece on the back of the pocket to hold the insert in.  I love that because I feel so badly for the boys when I see that the insert has creeped out of the pocket and is right against their skin. Ick. I hate the feel of it on my hands for even a couple minutes, I can't imagine how uncomfortable that is over a couple of hours.  The extra piece tucks into the pocket on top of the insert and prevents the diaper from 'un-stuffing' itself.  I know some other brands have this feature, but Lotus Bumz seems to have a more generous cut to help keep the insert in place.

One of the best things about these diapers is the price!  Normally, the diapers run around $15 or $16 each. (Which is a great price for a one-size pocket diaper!)  I have noticed though that there are  always great sales going on.  For example, right now there is a bundle that includes 3 diapers with inserts and a wet bag all for $49!  That is unheard of for a quality diaper!

Look how trim those diapers are on BOTH boys!

I find myself grabbing this diaper a lot and it does a great job!  These are a great option for those that are trying cloth for the first time (or anybody that wants to expand their stash) and not spend a bundle.

Lotus Bumz

You can purchase Lotus Bumz on their website.  Also, be sure to enter to win a Lotus Bumz diaper below!  One lucky winner will be selected by random.  All entries must be submitted via the Rafflecopter widget below the break. Good luck!

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The Merry Martian said...

Bluzy Star and Rock Star Red are my faves!

nickewhit said...

I love the retro one


nickewhit said...

Love the retro one

nicole said...

Have any of you tried these on a tall 2 y/o? I'm looking to get a few new ones for my toddler who can also rip his aplix velcro diapers off but he's tall - 34 in/30 lbs. and I'm worried about the fit. Any input would be much appreciated. These are on sale on Zulily right now so I'm dying to scoop some up.


Momma Z said...

I ordered 3 of these diapers from They are awful. The outside dry shell gets wet with urine or bm. Awful product.

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