Thursday, February 2, 2012

Modia Modern Cloth Diapers Review & Giveaway

Modia Diapers was started by two moms that cloth diapered their own little girls.  In fact, Modia comes from a combination of their ladies: Moriah & Lydia!

I was sent one of the cutest diapers ever!  (Look at that diaper and tell me it isn't cute!)  Modia creates both pocket diapers and fitted diapers.  Today I'm going to focus on the pockets.

Their diapers are one size and fit both Xavier & Quinton very well.  I've had the diaper for awhile now and can say that even when Quinton was around 12 pounds it was plenty small for him!  Xavier is currently 25-30 and we still have one of the rise snaps down, so he has plenty of room to grow still!

The diapers feature a PUL outer, suede clothe inner and snap closure.  One of my favorite features of the diaper is the snaps.  They are multi-colored and match the diaper's pattern, so it looks super cute.  Also, they are color coded.  Both the tabs and the rise snaps are different colors so you know exactly where to snap.  Instead of counting snaps from the middle of the diaper you just make sure that you fasten it on the right color.  Pretty cool! Each of their pocket diapers comes with 2 inserts: one is hemp fleece and the doubler is made of bamboo.  The hemp liner is one long strip so that you can fold it however you need to.  Of course, with boys, we put most of the absorbency towards the front.

Something else that I love about this diaper is that there is belly elastic to help with boy (and tummy sleeper) leaks.  The elastic is the perfect tension so that it doesn't leave red marks but it does sit securely against the skin.  I also love how big the pocket is.  It is so easy to stuff the inserts in this diaper -- even if you have Dad hands!

Modia diapers have a very trim fit and look wonderful on both of our boys.  It fits so well under jeans; however, because it is so cute I can't bring myself to cover it up most of the time!

If you take a look at their site, you will see that Modia diapers are very fashionable.  It is obvious that the owners care about each and every design that they dream up.  Each diaper is so unique and is sure to be one of the cutest in your stash!

We really love this diaper and recommend that you try them out.  If you are looking to add some more to your stash, you can't go wrong if you choose Modia!

You can purchase your own Modia diaper by visiting their website.  Or you can try your luck because Modia is giving one lucky reader a diaper for free!

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