Thursday, May 10, 2012

Extended Breast Feeding for the Win?

Don't let the title of the post fool you, I'm all for extended breast feeding.  I think that as long as both mom and child are comfortable then go for it!  Xavier breastfed until he was 14 or 16 months (I honestly can't remember) and that was only because I was several months pregnant and my milk dried up.  I'm just referring to the current cover page of Time Magazine.  Have you seen it?

Photo from

This is a photo of a momma and her 3-year-old son.  As you can imagine it is sparking some controversy.  Just for giggles (or because I wanted to elevate my blood pressure by reading people's ignorance?) I looked through some of the comments that were posted on Facebook about this. Beware, I didn't edit out language or stupidity.

Yes, breastfeeding IS natural.  Boobs make milk on purpose!  Babies can eat and digest food as early as 4 months, but no doctor would ever tell you to stop breastfeeding (or giving formula) that early because they were eating 'solids'.

How can you know that there "comes a time when you have to ween [sic] them off" if you've never breastfed yourself?

Probably because she is feeding him and making sure his needs met.

Did you know that if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, breast milk is the ONLY  one you could survive on without major nutrient deficiencies? Meaning nobody is too old, right? Also, I receive weird looks for feeding my 8-month old in public, I'm pretty sure he doesn't look like he's 3, or whatever age you deem 'young enough' to nurse.

A)Many people don't pump because they can't or don't want to.  Period. 
B) Breast feeding is NOT a sexual act for Dad to be jealous of.
C) My youngest got his first tooth at 4 months old.  He is 8 months old and has 8 teeth (with two more coming)! He's nursing as I type this one-handed. And to each his own as long as you don't know about it??


Almost...except that it is a mother feeding her child and it is not an image of 2 adults engaged in  random sexual act. 

Yes, I would never want my children to see a photo of a child's needs being met.  Oh the HORROR.

Agreed. There is a time and place.  It just happens to be when and where the baby is hungry.  Believe it or not, they don't always wait until you are at home, curtains drawn, lights dimmed with aromatherapy candles lit so you can be sure nobody witnesses them getting nutrition.


All in all, I'm disappointed. Do I like the photo?  No. It isn't how I would have portrayed extended breastfeeding, which is why there is a question mark in my title, but it is what it is.  {FYI: I also don't like that this insinuates that you aren't "mom enough" if you choose a different route.} I just hate how breastfeeding, in general, is viewed by our society.  I hate how judgmental people are about others' parenting choices. Aren't we all (with a few exceptions) just doing what we think is best for our children? Why all the hate?

Despite the way we are viewed in public and the hate in general, Quinton is still a happily breastfed little boy ... and will be until we make a mutual decision to wean.  Whatever you decide to do, bottle vs. breast, carrier vs. stroller, cloth vs. disposable, don't make your decision based on what society says is right.  Do what is right for you and your baby...because isn't that all that matters in the end...a healthy and happy baby, momma, daddy and family?

Rant over.


carlaboo11 said...

ugh.. I about blew a gasket... i am sure you can see all of my comments on TIME's facebook page :/ I can't deal with ignorant people. It *really* creeps me out that men would be saying sexual things when it's a baby eating. Breastfeeding isn't sexual in any way, so for them to equate that makes them sound like perverts with an interest in little children. THAT makes my stomach churn. I feel like our society is doomed and breasfeeding will never be the norm, especially breastfeeding past months/days/minutes/whatever. Why does their have to be a dead set time stamp on it?!?! It's not like the milk goes bad or no longer provides something.

Christina said...

Thanks for your post! I think you said it all!

Janine said...

You said it all, couldn't agree more. Hard to believe there's hope for breastfeeding to ever be mainstream again when the majority of people slamming this are women/moms.

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